Terran Generon is inspired by the Zenit product range. It is only suitable with Terran Zenit and Rundo tiles.

  • min. 7,5 cm ventillation air-gap
  • High heat resistant and long life underlays (we recommend our MediFol Longlife, MediFol TOP 270 and MediFol Silver underlays. For more information, please request for an offer or drop us a mail here).
  • min. 22.5 pitched roof degree

One modul is producing 15Wp. Material needs for M2 is 11.1 tiles, so one m2 producing 167 W. 1Kwp performance system needs probably 6m2 surface on the roof.

In Hungary the optimal placement is the south facing elevation. The east and west facing roofs can also be used to great effect. For more information about the optimal placement, please get in touch to talk it through with a member of our team.