How is it look like?


Luxury solution without compromise.


Easy, efficient, fast and save implementation.


Protection and renewable energy under the same roof.

All in one

Complex solution for roofing and for solar energy.

Futuron Illustration
The Innovation

From our local, family-owned roots, our company has grown to be an internationally renowned supplier of roofing materials. The Terran Generon is the result of 18 months of research and development. One unique feature of the Generon is the integration of the photovoltaic cells directly onto the surface of the concrete roof tiles – an aesthetic and easy to use way to reduce energy costs. The Generon combines Terran’s centuries of experience with modern technological advances. The product clearly achieves Terran’s goal of an environmentally friendly, efficient energy producing roofing tile without compromise.


About Us

We recognize that the building industry has a massive effect on the environment, a fact we kept in sharp focus during this development. The knowledge we have gained is going to influence our industry for many years to come. Terran is one of the most committed and experienced roof tile producers in Central-East Europe. Last year, we produced over 50 million roof tiles.

Attila Gódi – General Manager


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